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Deportation Order Vacated Published: Mar 9, 2007 The Board of Immigration Appeals overturned an Immigration Judge’s decision to deport one of our clients because the client had been denied the right to a trial on the merits of whether he was actually deportable. The client was represented by Robert D. Kolken, Esq. The case was remanded to the Immigration Court to give us an opportunity to
Green card obtained by “grandfathering” Published: Mar 5, 2007 We recently obtained lawful permanent resident status for an Indian citizen who had arrived in the without inspection in 1998. He was sponsored by his citizen mother, who was a lawful permanent resident when the petition was filed in 1996. Our client is now 30 years old and is a preference immigrant, which would ordinarily preclude adjustment of status,
Green Card Saved before Immigration Judge Published: Mar 2, 2007 The Honorable Philip J. Montante Jr. has granted our client's application for cancellation of removal. Judge Montante, throughout several days of trial, weighed the testimony of our client, who came to the United States as a refugee from Russia who was convicted for a drug related offense, and her two United States citizen daughters against the
Extraordinary Ability Athlete Petition approved in 6 Days Published: Feb 22, 2007 A Petition to classify a superstar Canadian Lacrosse player as an athlete of “extraordinary ability” was approved by the USCIS Nebraska Service Center within 6 days of the petition’s filing US Immigration agreed immediately that the player deserved recognition as an athlete who has succeeded at the top of his sport on a
3 Days for Service Center to Approve L-1A Petition Published: Feb 21, 2007 We were able to obtain U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Vermont Service Center , approval of an L-1A Petition in only three days after the filing of the Petition. Robert D. Kolken, Esq. submitted the petition on behalf of a newly franchised dental facility located in Miami, Florida, requesting the employment of its co-owner, a
Labor Certification Approval: Cashier Published: Feb 20, 2007 The United States Department of Labor just certified another labor certification that we filed on behalf of our client, an owner of a gas station with a convenient store. Our client has had extereme difficulty finding people who are willing to fill the position, and as a result needed to hire a non citizen to work on a full-time permanent basis. The
BIA grants client adjustment of status to become permanent resident Published: Feb 19, 2007 A Cameroonian citizen who has been married to a US citizen since 2000 was finally granted his “green card” following 6 years of litigation efforts by Eric W. Schultz, Esq. At the initial trial, an Immigration Judge denied the client’s application for a green card despite the Government lawyer’s agreement that the client deserved
Immigration Court grants motion to reopen in absentia removal order, freeing client Published: Feb 12, 2007 An Immigration Court granted a motion to rescind an order of removal entered in absentia against a non-citizen in 2001, and reopening the Immigration Court proceeding.  The client was detained in late November, 2006, and an immediate motion was filed to stop the client’s imminent removal from the U.S. The client denied receipt of a notice scheduling