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BIA grants client adjustment of status to become permanent resident Published: Feb 19, 2007 A Cameroonian citizen who has been married to a US citizen since 2000 was finally granted his “green card” following 6 years of litigation efforts by Eric W. Schultz, Esq. At the initial trial, an Immigration Judge denied the client’s application for a green card despite the Government lawyer’s agreement that the client deserved
Immigration Court grants motion to reopen in absentia removal order, freeing client Published: Feb 12, 2007 An Immigration Court granted a motion to rescind an order of removal entered in absentia against a non-citizen in 2001, and reopening the Immigration Court proceeding.  The client was detained in late November, 2006, and an immediate motion was filed to stop the client’s imminent removal from the U.S. The client denied receipt of a notice scheduling
Three Labor Certification Approvals Published: Feb 6, 2007 The United States Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration has just certified three Labor Certification applications that were filed in 2001. Our client owns gas station/convenient stores in Cairo, New York, Buffalo, New York, and the Catskills, New York, and needed managers to work at each of location. Matthew L. Kolken was able
P-1 status approved for minor league pro hockey player Published: Feb 5, 2007 A minor league pro hockey team secured P-1 nonimmigrant status under the new “COMPETE Act of 2006”. The new law allows minor league level professional sports teams to file petitions to seek the same nonimmigrant status that major league teams have been able to secure in the past, and frees minor league teams from the restrictive
Deportation Prevented Published: Jan 30, 2007 We were able to avoid an order of removal (deportation) on behalf of our client, a citizen of Canada. Our client was allowed to withdraw her application for admission to the United States after trial, notwithstanding the fact that she had been convicted on several occasions for petty theft and on one occasion for trafficking in a narcotic drug, all in
Client granted green card after winning asylum in U.S. Published: Jan 29, 2007 A Russian client who was granted asylum in 2003 by an Immigration Judge in Buffalo was granted adjustment of status to become a lawful permanent resident and receive her green card.
Management Consultant NAFTA Approval Published: Jan 26, 2007 We obtained a North American Free Trade (NAFTA) approval for a Canadian citizen to enable him to work as a Management Consultant for a U. S. company based in California. Robert D. Kolken, Esq. was able to obtain the client’s 9th consecutive approval in such status, based upon the fact that the U. S. employer provides consulting services to U. S.
Immigration Judge grants adjustment of status Published: Jan 22, 2007 The Immigration Court granted adjustment of status to accord a client from Jamaica lawful permanent resident status. The client, married to a U.S. citizen, had initially been denied his green card. Eric W. Schultz, Esq., successfully appealed the denial to the Board of Immigration Appeals, which found that the client was both eligible for a green