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Deportation Avoided Published: Jul 17, 2006 Matthew L. Kolken, Esq. was able to avoid an order of “Deportation” for his client, a citizen of Mexico. Mr. Kolken’s client snuck into the United States in 2004, and had remained in the country without detection until 2006. Subsequent to coming to the U.S. the client received a misdemeanor conviction for possession of a false
Immigration Court Proceedings Dismissed Published: Jul 14, 2006 Robert D. Kolken, Esq., obtained dismissal of Immigration Courtproceedings brought against a citizen of Jamaica who has been a lawful permanent resident of the States for approximately 24 years. Unfortunately, the client was deportable for having been convicted of a sexual related misdemeanor in 1984 because of the retroactive application of the
Marketing Manager Approved to Work in U.S. Published: Jul 14, 2006 Matthew L. Kolken, Esq. has obtained an approval of a Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, authorizing the temporary employment of a citizen of Australia in L-1A status, as an Intracompany Transferee on behalf of an internationally known travel company. Mr. Kolken's client will be employed as the company’s USA Marketing Manager, at the Los Angeles,
U.S. Citizenship Granted Published: Jul 13, 2006 Robert D. Kolken, Esq. obtained citizenship after a naturalization hearing held in Charlotte, North Carolina for a Canadian citizen who had been denied naturalization at the time of his interview. Fifteen years ago the client had been charged with entry fraud, which we successfully defended in Immigration Court. Notwithstanding the successful defense,
Court Case Reopened Published: Jul 13, 2006 We obtained the reopening of an Immigration Courtproceeding to allow our client, a citizen of Yemen, the opportunity to apply for lawful permanent resident status based on his marriage to a US citizen. When the client retained our office, he faced an order of removal and potentially imminent detention. On an emergency basis we commenced Habeas Corpus
Abused Spouse Petition Approved for Citizen of New Zealand Published: Jul 10, 2006 Matthew L. Kolken has obtained the approval of an I-360, Petition for Abused Spouse, on behalf of his client, a citizen of New Zealand. Mr. Kolken's client was married to a United States Citizen who completely isolated her from her friends and family, threatened her with physical abuse, raped her, and then blackmailed her with threats that if she contacted
Abused Spouse Petition Approved for Citizen of Bulgaria Published: Jul 10, 2006 Robert D. Kolken, Esq., obtained approval of a self-petition for the abused spouse of a U.S. citizen, on behalf of a Bulgarian male client. He originally came to the United States as a student. He married a United States citizen and a child was born of the marriage. After the birth of their child, his wife began to mentally and physically abuse him. She
Green Card Granted after Trial Published: Jul 10, 2006 Matthew L. Kolken has obtained the approval of a Green Card after a trial before an Immigration Judge. Mr. Kolken’s client, a citizen of the Czech republic, is married to a United States citizen, but has not lived with her since 1999. Mr. Kolken’s client has been paying child support and alimony since leaving the marital residence. Mr.