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Green Card Approved Published: Jan 30, 2006 Robert D. Kolken, Esq. obtained a green card for a Canadian citizen residing in Arizona who is married to a U. S. citizen. The client entered the U. S. from Canada without a Form I-94 being issued, and as a result, DHS records did not show his lawful admission.
P-1 Extraordinary Ability Athlete Status Published: Jan 25, 2006 “P-1S” essential support lawful nonimmigrant status was obtained for the four-member mechanic “pit crew” of one of the top-rated professional motorcycle racers in the world. The crew members, who are trained experts in the client’s motorcycle technology, provide essential support to the pro motorcycle racer in preparing for
NAFTA Approval: Management Consultant Published: Jan 23, 2006 Robert D. Kolken, Esq. obtained admittance to the United States for a Canadian citizen under the NAFTA, as a Management Consultant for a U.S. company based in California. This was the 7th consecutive approval in such status, based upon the fact that the U. S. employer provides consulting services to U.S. companies.
BATTERED SPOUSE NOW ELIGIBLE FOR GREEN CARD Published: Jan 23, 2006 Matthew L. Kolken, Esq. obtained the approval of a Battered Spouse Petition, on behalf of his client, a native of Finland, and a citizen of Sweden. Mr. Kolken’s client originally came to the United States as a student. She met and fell in love with a man, who after their marriage, became physically, mentally, and sexually abusive to her, and who
PRO MOTORCYCLE RIDER VISA Published: Jan 23, 2006 We successfully obtained “P-1” lawful nonimmigrant status for one of the top-rated professional motorcycle racers in the world, who will use the approval to obtain a visa at the U.S. Consulate in his home country so that he can compete in the World’s premier professional motorcycle racing series.  The Series consists of twelve multi-day events to be held
Another Green Card Saved Published: Jan 23, 2006 Matthew L. Kolken, Esq. has saved another one of his client’s Green Cards by order of the Immigration Judge. Mr. Kolken’s client, a citizen of Guyana, was convicted in 1994 for possession of stolen property. The client had purchased 5 stolen coats from a co-worker. He bought the coats as presents for his wife, mother and sister, and pled
L-1A Approved Published: Jan 18, 2006 Matthew L. Kolken, Esq. obtained the approval of an L-1A Intra-Company Transferee petition. The employee, a citizen of Canada, was transferred to the United States from the corporation’s Vancouver, British Columbia subsidiary in order to be employed as an Area Manager in L-1A status in California. Mr. Kolken accompanied the employee to the Port of
Deportation Prevented Published: Jan 18, 2006 Matthew L. Kolken, Esq. prevented the deportation of his client, a citizen of Mexico, who had been charged with removability as a result of being convicted for two counts of indecency, one of which was a mere violation of a public ordinance. The client was charged by Citizenship and Immigration Services as being removable for having two crimes involving