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Immigration Case Terminated Published: Jun 20, 2005 Matthew L. Kolken has successfully obtained the termination of Immigration Court Proceedings that where instituted against his client, a 34-year-old citizen of Guyana . Mr. Kolken's client married a United States citizen on November, 2001, and the couple has just recently had their first child. Mr. Kolken's client entered the
Green Card Issued Published: Jun 17, 2005 Eric W. Schultz has successfully obtained lawful permanent residence on behalf of his client, who had her conditional permanent residence terminated by U.S. Immigration in 2000. Following successful completion of Immigration Court proceedings against his client, he filed an application to prove that his client had married her U.S. citizen husband in good
L-1B Approval Published: Jun 15, 2005 Robert D. Kolken, Esq., on June 15, 2005, obtained admission to the Unired States for two Candian citizen construction workers in Intracompany Transferee status, "L-1," as specialized knowledge workers. They had been employed by a Canadian company, selling it's products and services in the U.S. We had them set up a U.S. joint venture with one of their
H-1B Approval Published: Jun 14, 2005 Matthew L. Kolken, Esq. obtained H-1B status for a citizen of China and a Permanent Resident of Canada, authorizing his employment as a Senior Mechanical Engineer for a manufacturer of motor equipment and hysteresis brakes and clutches, located in New York State. The alien’s foreign education in China was evaluated to be the equivalent of a Ph.D. in
Trade NAFTA Approval Published: Jun 10, 2005 Robert D. Kolken, Esq., obtained a Trade NAFTA approval on June 10, 2005, for a Canadian citizen as a scientific technician. The client is part of a motorcycle racing team at the highest levels of his sport.
Green Card Obtained Published: Jun 10, 2005 Eric W. Schultz has successfully obtained proof of lawful permanent resident status for a Native American born in Canada who resided in the United States. He accomplished this success without requiring that his client leave the U.S. and make application for proof of such status at a port of entry. If you have an immigration/citizenship issue that you would
Green Card Approved Published: Jun 2, 2005 On June 2, 2005, Matthew L. Kolken, Esq., obtained approval of two applications to adjust status ("Green Card" applications), for a husband a wife from India, based on the approval of a Petition for Alien Worker, filed on behalf of the husband who is an manager of overseas operation for a New York retail store. The wife obtained approval of her "Green
3 Year Bar Avoided Published: May 31, 2005 On May 31, 2005, Robert D. Kolken, Esq., obtained admittance to the United States in L-2 status, for a Canadian citizen wife and child of an Intracompany Transferee, whose L-1A status had been extended, but who had failed and neglected to extend the status of his dependents. As a result, the wife and child were in overstay status. We had them depart the