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National lobbying committee Published: Feb 24, 2005 Eric W. Schultz has accepted an invitation to serve on the “H-2B Working Group” national lobbying committee for the American Immigration Lawyers Association. The National Committee is working to galvanize congressional and popular support for the “Save our Small and Seasonal Business Act of 2005”, which if enacted into law will greatly help businesses
Immigration Court Proceedings Terminated Published: Feb 1, 2005 Eric W. Schultz, Esq., has successfully obtained reinstatement of a university student’s status to continue his studies, and the Government’s agreement to stipulate to termination of the Immigration Court case brought against the student. For medical reasons, the student had taken a leave of absence from the university, and was in violation
Cancellation of Removal Published: Jan 27, 2005 Robert D. Kolken, Esq. obtained Cancellation of Removal after trial before an Immigration Judge for a Canadian citizen who had been convicted on four (4) separate occasions of writing bad checks and on one occasion for criminal impersonation.
Trade NAFTA Approval Published: Jan 27, 2005 On January 26, 2005, Robert D. Kolken, Esq. obtained approval of a TN Management Consultant application. This approval was the sixth consecutive application as a management consultant for the same company.
H-1B Approval Published: Jan 27, 2005 Eric W. Schultz has successfully obtained approval of H-1B status on behalf of an associate editor for a U.S.-based corporation that publishes a national magazine of general circulation. The “H-1B visa”, a popularly used status for professional level employment in the U.S., is currently unavailable for new H-1B applications, but may still be used for
H4 Approval Published: Jan 25, 2005 Robert D. Kolken, Esq., obtained admission in H-4 status for a Canadian citizen and Pakistani national who had previously been denied admission due to a California conviction for sale of a Counterfeit Trademark. The admission was accomplished at the Niagara Falls port of entry within six days of submission of a legal brief evidencing his admissibility.
FATHER A. JOSEPH BISSONETTE AWARD Published: Jan 14, 2005 Eric W. Schultz was recently named the first recipient of the FATHER A. JOSEPH BISSONETTE AWARD from the Father Joseph Bissonette Foundation, located in Snyder, New York , in recognition of his pro bono legal work in refugee and asylum law. The Foundation was established to honor the memory of Father Bissonette, who faithfully served the needs of the
L-1A Approval Published: Nov 16, 2004 On November 9, 2004, Robert D. Kolken, Esq., on behalf two Canadian citizen brothers, obtained approval of extensions of L-1A status on their behalf, both as Vice President of Operations of a U. S. company in the tile and marble business. The Canadian affiliated company is a closely held family business, requiring that both brothers be authorized as