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Initial Fraud Determination at Border Reversed by Immigration Judge, Client Admitted to US Published: Apr 13, 2012 Our client is a Canadian citizen. He is a well qualified management consultant to the computer industry. Previously, it had been determined by the Department of Homeland Security that he was inadmissible to the United States for fraud and misrepresentation. This ground of inadmissibility constitutes a lifetime bar to United States entry. At this point we
TN Management Consultant Approval Published: Apr 4, 2012 Our client is a Canadian citizen. He has more than 20 years of sales and management experience in the powersports clothing industry. A United States company that is the global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing advanced motor sports apparel desired our client’s services to review and advise them concerning their sales tactics and marketing
Citizenship Application Approved in 3 Months Published: Feb 3, 2012 Our client was born in India. We have represented him for over ten years. Prior to our representation, he married a United States citizen and became a permanent resident as a result of that marriage. Because he was married for less than two years at the time he became a permanent resident, his status was only valid for two years. Unfortunately, the
Determination of Inadmissibility Reversed, Green Card Issued without a Waiver Published: Jan 13, 2012 We just received a Green Card approval on behalf of a client who is married to aUnited Statescitizen. The client first came to us when in immigration court proceedings were instituted against him after he was taken into custody while mistakenly driving down a one way road that led to a border crossing. He was engage to aUnited Statescitizen at the time he
Determination of Inadmissibility Reversed, Client to be Admitted without a Waiver Published: Jan 9, 2012 I was just able to convince U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that my client, an undergraduate student and citizen of Canada, is not inadmissible to the United States, and does not need a waiver to be readmitted as a student. The basis for the initial determination of inadmissibility was that he was charged with a theft offense in the State of
11th TN Granted to Management Consultant Published: Jan 6, 2012 Our client is a Canadian citizen. She is a well-respected Management Consultant who maintains her own consulting business in Canada. She has been employed by a U.S. management consultant firm for over 12 years on an as needed basis to provide consultant services to the U.S. firm’s clients. We have prepared all of her applications for TN status. This
Nonimmigrant Waiver Approved Published: Nov 30, 2011 Our client is a Canadian citizen. Unfortunately, as a teenager he was bullied by a group of other young men, and when he fought back, was charged and convicted on separate occasions of Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Uttering Threats, Aggravated Assault, and Assault with a Weapon. Since that troubled time in his life, he has rehabilitated himself. He is
Green Card Approved in Under Six Months Published: Nov 23, 2011 Our client is a citizen of Belarus. He entered the United Stats as an exchange visitor for summer travel and work in 2005 valid for four (4) months. He was not subject to the two-year foreign residence requirement. He later changed his status to a visitor for pleasure valid until 2007. His employer filed an Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker for him, which