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Obama Admin Shamed into Stopping Deportation of Florida DREAMer Published: Mar 7, 2012 Why does it take national press coverage for this administration to actually do what it is telling the world that it is already doing? If this story didn't make national news, this young girl's bright future would have been extinguished by this administration. Mind you, she is not out of the woods yet, remaining in immigration limbo, and will face
Obama Administration Deported 46,000 Parents of United States Citizens in First-Half of 2011 Published: Feb 23, 2012 Last weekend Chris Hayes did a segment on his MSNBC show about President Obama's deportation policy. He put together a panel that took a look at the practical effect of the administration's record deportations. What they found was that in the first six months of 2011, the Obama administration deported 46,000 parents of United States citizen children, many
Federal Judge Delays Ruling on Utah Immigration Law Published: Feb 22, 2012 U.S. District Court Judge Clark Waddoup has delayed issuing a decision on the constitutionality of Utah's immigration law until after the Supreme Court reaches a decision on Arizona's immigration law. Judge Waddoup reasoned that: “Because this case addresses significant constitutional issues, the court does not believe it would be helpful to the parties
Federal Judge Enjoins Part of Fremont, Nebraska Immigration Ordinance Published: Feb 21, 2012 U.S. District Court Judge Laurie Smith Camp has issued a 37-page summary judgment enjoining the City of Fremont, Nebraska "from enforcing certain parts of the ordinance that prohibit the harboring of illegal aliens and provide for the revocation of occupancy licenses." The Court's ruling permits the enforcement of the employment provisions of the
Federal Judge to Rule on Constitutionality of Utah's Immigration Law Published: Feb 17, 2012 The Associated Press reports that U.S. District Court Judge Clark Waddoups has scheduled arguments today (Friday) to determine the constitutionality of Utah's immigration enforcement law that was signed by Utah Gov. Gary Herbert last March. The law requires police officers to verify the immigration status of individuals arrested in Utah for serious crimes.
Obama's Proposed Immigration Enforcement Agenda is Business as Usual Published: Feb 15, 2012 President Obama's proposed FY2013 budget includes a very modest (0.5%) reduction of funds dedicated to immigration enforcement, or $191 million fewer dollars to spread around. Here is what is proposed: Continuing current enforcement priorities against undocumented immigrants; Maintaining the number of Customs and Border Protection officers (21,186) and
Obama Administration to Investigate Findings of Sexual Abuse at Immigration Detention Centers Published: Feb 7, 2012 It has been reported that it took inquiries from 30 members of Congress for the Obama administration to be shamed into acknowledging reports of sexual abuse of immigrant detainees. The administration's response: they are going to launch an investigation. With all due respect, there has already been an investigation that found more than 170 allegations of
Congressman Gutierrez Responds to my Open Letter Published: Feb 3, 2012 I just received the following response to my open letter to Congressman Gutierrez, and have been asked to post it here. "This is very helpful. I was pushing back on the critics of President Obama and the GOP critics of the DREAM Act in Miami on the day of the Florida primary and I went too far. I think we have made great strides with prosecutorial