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Supreme Court to weigh in on Arizona immigration battle - Kagan Recuses Herself Published: Dec 13, 2011 The Arizona State Attorney General received an early Christmas present yesterday. The United States Supreme Court agreed to review the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision relating to four provisions of the highly controversial Arizona immigration law known as S.B. 1070. The four enjoined provisions direct state law-enforcement officers to cooperate and
Supreme Court: BIA’s policy for applying §212(c) in deportation cases is “arbitrary and capricious” Published: Dec 12, 2011 The United States Supreme Court rendered an immigration related decision today. The unanimous 9-0 opinion was delivered by Justice Kagan. See Judulang v. Holder, No. 10–694, December 12, 2011. The case involved the application of Section 212(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) in the deportation context. Prior to its repeal in 1996, §212(c)
Immigration Reform Congressman States that Obama Administration is not Implementing Prosecutorial Discretion Memo Published: Dec 9, 2011 It has been reported that Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill. has stated that the Obama administration is not implementing the prosecutorial discretion memo that is supposed to prioritize the deportation of immigrants with criminal conviction over individuals who are only subject to deportation for immigration violations. Congressman Gutierrez cites an example of a
Obama Administration has Favorably Exercised Prosecutorial Discretion in Only One Deportation Case involving Same Sex Spouses Published: Dec 8, 2011 The DOMA Project has reported that nationwide there has only been one case where the Obama administration has favorably exercised prosecutorial discretion in favor of an individual in a same sex marriage facing deportation. On November 30, 2001, Immigration Judge Terry Bain signed the order of dismissal. Monica Alcota, born in Argentina, received a
TRAC Report: Obama Administration Withholding Records that they are Targeting Fewer Criminals in Deportation Proceedings Published: Dec 6, 2011 Syracuse University's TRAC Immigration has done it again. They just released a report (December 5, 2011) that reveals that from July - September 2011 only 7,378 individuals or 13.8% of all individuals facing deportation have engaged in criminal activities. The proportion of alleged "criminals" deportation cases has dropped from the 16.5% during FY 2010.
Obama Administration has done little to clean up "Chronic Abuses" in Immigration Detention System Published: Dec 6, 2011 The New York Times published an editorial yesterday regarding the Obama administration's now two-year-old pledge to clean up the immigration detention system. The pledge was made in 2009 by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in acknowledgment of "reports of chronic abuses — of detainees beaten and sometimes left to die of untreated injuries and
State Legislator Proposes Immigration Initiative in California Published: Dec 5, 2011 The Sacramento Bee reports that last Friday State Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, D-Sylmar, filed an initiative that is being billed as a "moderate, common-sense approach" to immigration reform in the State of California. The initiative would create "safe harbor" and "exceptions" to Federal law that prohibits employers from hiring individuals that lack
Pew Research Study: Gingrich Immigration Plan May Prevent Deportation of Millions Published: Dec 2, 2011 The Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan "fact tank," has conducted a study that analyzes Newt Gingrich's recent immigration proposal that would create a path to legalization for certain unauthorized immigrants in situations where they have lived in the country for a long period of time, have U.S. citizen children, and are tax payers. The data from the study