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Honda associate issued a Citation for Violating Alabama Immigration Law Published: Dec 1, 2011 It looks like Alabama is fighting World War II all over again. Last week a German Mercedes-Benz executive was detained for violating Alabama's immigration law, and now this week a Japanese Honda associate has been cited. The Alabama law requires police officers to detain individuals that are unable to prove that they are in the United States legally.
House votes to end country limits for skilled workers seeking green cards Published: Nov 30, 2011 The Associated Press reports that yesterday The House of Representatives voted 389-15 to end per-country caps on worker-based immigration visas, and changed family-based visa limits from 7 percent per country to 15 percent per country. On the employment side this would eliminate the requirement that one country can’t exceed 7 percent of the total number of
Thousands of Children Write President Obama asking him to Stop Deporting their Parents Published: Nov 30, 2011 The National Domestic Workers Alliance has kicked off a letter writing campaign entitled "We Belong Together" with a goal of collecting 5,000 letters to be delivered to President Obama calling for the end to deportations so that all families can stay together. The campaign asks children and youth to write letters about why families should be able to stay
DREAMer Joaquin Luna Commits Suicide Over Undocumented Status Published: Nov 29, 2011 It pains me to report that DREAMer Joaquin Luna has tragically taken his own life because of his belief that his undocumented status made the fulfillment of his dream to become an engineer an impossibility Joaquin left a suicide note specifically referencing his immigration status, and his frustrations that he would not be able to go to college to continue
Third Circuit Orders Temporary Stay of Removal of Father of Three U.S. Citizens Published: Nov 28, 2011 The Third Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered a temporary stay of removal of Robert Bautista of Easton, Pennsylvania while he seeks to overturn a deportation order. Mr. Bautista, a lawful permanent resident for 25 years, is married, has three United States citizen children, and is the owner of transmission business in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Immigration
Obama Administration Sues Utah over State Immigration Law Published: Nov 23, 2011 The Obama administration on Tuesday filed suit against Utah, now the fourth State to have an immigration law challenged in federal court. The suit argues that State efforts to enforce immigration are preempted by federal authority, that the law will disrupt the enforcement of federal immigration law, and that State immigration enforcement efforts must be
Mercedes-Benz Executive Arrested under Alabama Immigration Law Published: Nov 22, 2011 The unlikely poster child for the new Alabama immigration law isn't even hispanic. Detlev Hager, a citizen of Germany, was stopped while driving the streets of Tuscaloosa because his rental car was missing a tag. Once pulled over the police officer demanded (queue Nazi accent) "papers please." The sweet irony, once it hits your lips, it's so good! Hager
Prosecutorial Discretion Guidelines Leave Same Sex Couples (and Pretty Much Everyone Else) Out in the Cold Published: Nov 21, 2011 Last week was a busy news week. The most insignificant public relation move coming from the White House was the announcement that Thursday marked the beginning of the Obama administration's review of 300,000 pending deportation cases. The administration has issued another set of guidelines for determining what individuals will been given preferential