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New Film Tries to Inject Compassion Into Immigration Debate Published: Oct 28, 2010 "In his new film about the largest immigration raid in US history, acclaimed director Luis Argueta attempts to "create a new narrative about immigrants." A recent screening of abUSed: The Postville Raid, in New York City offered a glimpse of how this can work. Most of the 389 people arrested on May 12, 2008 at the Agriprocessors meatpacking plant in
OIC Report: The Performance of 287(g) Agreements - September 2010 Published: Oct 27, 2010 The Performance of 287(g) Agreements Report Update-Sep10 -DHS-OIG
Justice Department Announces Public Education Campaign Grants to Fight Immigration-related Employment Discrimination Published: Oct 18, 2010 WASHINGTON – The Justice Department today announced that it has awarded $720,321 in grants to 13 organizations throughout the country to conduct public education programs for workers and employers about federal protections against immigration-related job discrimination. The grants, which range from $43,664 to $88,000, are being awarded by the
The Growing Political Power of Immigrants and Their Children Published: Oct 14, 2010 "At a time when federal, state, and local elections are often decided by small voting margins—with candidates frequently locked in ferocious competition for the ballots of those “voting blocs” that might turn the electoral tide in their favor—one large and growing bloc of voters has been consistently overlooked and politically underestimated: New
"Giving Facts a Fighting Chance: A Guide" Published: Oct 12, 2010 "This comprehensive Q&A guide reviews the most current research available, debunks myths, and answers some of the most common immigration-related questions, including those about worksite enforcement, border security, birthright citizenship, access to public benefits, immigrants and crime, immigrant integration, the economic impacts of immigration,
Visa Bulletin for November 2010 Published: Oct 12, 2010 Number 26 Volume IX Washington, D.C. A. STATUTORY NUMBERS 1. This bulletin summarizes the availability of immigrant numbers during November. Consular officers are required to report to the Department of State documentarily qualified applicants for numerically limited visas; the
Current ICE Removals of Noncitizens Exceed Numbers Under Bush Administration Published: Oct 8, 2010 "Just released figures from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), however, show that during the first nine months of FY 2010, 279,035 non-U.S. citizens were removed from the country as a result of ICE enforcement. This number is ten (10) percent more than the same period during FY 2008 — the last fiscal year of the Bush administration. This
Obama Administration’s Year-One Report Card on Immigration Detention Reform Published: Oct 7, 2010 The National Immigrant Justice Center, Detention Watch Network, and Midwest Coalition for Human Rights have put together a report card grading the Obama administration's year-one progress on proposed immigration detention reforms. In sum, detention reform has been undermined by ICE's over-reliance on penal incarceration practices and by local ICE field