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POSITION PAPER: IMMIGRATION REFORM Published: Jul 8, 2008 POSITION PAPER: IMMIGRATION REFORM The Issue: Our current immigration system is badly broken and in dire need of a top-to-bottom overhaul. Immigration laws that are out of sync with 21st century economic realities and demographics have given rise to a vast underground economy characterized by criminal smugglers, fake documents, and millions of
DEPORTATION-ONLY PROPOSALS ARE NOT “REAL” SOLUTIONS Published: Jul 8, 2008 DEPORTATION-ONLY PROPOSALS ARE NOT “REAL” SOLUTIONS For the past twenty years, this country has been steadily increasing immigration enforcement at the border and in the interior, and the effort has not only failed, but backfired. Throwing more money at the border has not ended undocumented immigration but only increased it. • Americans are pragmatic
“Finality” of Removal Orders for Judicial Review Purposes Published: Jun 24, 2008 "This practice advisory addresses whether a removal decision issued by an Immigration Judge or the BIA is a “final” removal order for purposes of federal court review. Federal courts can only review “final” removal orders. This advisory discusses whether a BIA remand, for example, affects the “finality” of the order."
Litigation Clearinghouse Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 7 Published: Jun 23, 2008 Litigation Clearinghouse Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 7 (June 20, 2008) "This issue of AILF's Litigation Clearinghouse Newsletter covers the Supreme Court's decision that voluntary departure may be withdrawn, a 9th Circuit ruling that a 2003 no-match letter is not constructive knowledge that an employee is undocumented, a favorable 2d Circuit
Dada V. Mukasey Q & A Published: Jun 19, 2008 "This Practice Advisory offers preliminary analysis about the potential impact of Dada on individuals’ cases and suggestions about immediate steps to take. Because AILF is issuing this advisory the day after the Court announced its decision, readers are cautioned to check for new cases, legal developments, and updates to this advisory over the next
Premium Processing Fact Sheet Published: Jun 12, 2008 Premium Processing Fact Sheet: for certain Form I-140 Petitions starting June 16, 2008. USCIS OFFERS PREMIUM PROCESSING SERVICE FOR CERTAIN FORM I-140 PETITIONS STARTING JUNE 16, 2008 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will make available Premium Processing Service for designated Form I-140 petitions1 (Immigrant Petition for Alien
Agriprocessors report Published: Jun 4, 2008 Agriprocessors report:  "Agriprocessors is the largest kosher meat producer in the country with two plants in the Midwest."
EXTENSION OF OPTIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM FOR QUALIFIED STUDENTS Published: May 28, 2008 Cap Gap" Q&A #2 "EXTENSION OF OPTIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM FOR QUALIFIED STUDENTS; Rule Expands ‘Cap-Gap’ Relief for Students with Pending H-1B Petitions; a supplemental group of questions and answers that will provide essential guidance and more specific details on the program."