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Legal Immigrant Spared Self-Deportation Published: Aug 14, 2012 CNN Money has reported that legal immigrant Lauren Gray has been granted a two-year reprieve that will permit her to remain in the United States presumably under President Obama's recently announced deferred action initiative. The article didn't provide specifics about the reprieve. Here is what I do know. Lauren, a citizen of the United Kingdom, came
Detained Immigrants Being Used as Slave Labor Published: Aug 3, 2012 It has been reported that detained immigrants are being paid $1 a day while held in privately run detention centers awaiting deportation. Northwestern University Professor Jacqueline Stevens sums it up quite nicely: "People who are being detained only while they await an immigration court audience and not for punitive reasons are being forced to work for
Obama's Deportation Quotas have Resulted in a Multi-Billion Dollar Cost to the American Taxpayer Published: Aug 2, 2012 President Obama's 400,000 deportations per year quota has resulted in a multi-billion dollar bill to the American taxpayer, to the benefit of the private prison industry. It is estimated that the cost to taxpayers will exceed $2 billion dollars this year alone. The Associated press reports the following: In 2011, nearly half the beds in the nation's
President Obama has expanded Secure Communities to over 3,000 Jurisdictions, a 21,429% increase Published: Aug 1, 2012 Alex Nowrasteh just wrote an article that appeared in Forbes Magazine appropriately titled Obama: Deporter in Chief. In it he provides some jaw dropping statistics to support his conclusion, many of which have been printed over the past year in this blog: Since taking office President Obama has expanded SCOMM to over 3,000 jurisdictions in the United
District Court Judge Stays Removal of Five Bi-National Couples Pending Constitutional Challenge of the Defense of Marriage Act Published: Jul 31, 2012 Chief U.S. District Judge Carol Bagley Amon, of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York has done what the Obama administration to date has been unwilling to do: issue a stay of removal of the immigrant spouses of five separate United States citizens in same-sex marriages. Judge Amon was nominated to the federal bench by
National Immigrant Youth Alliance Infiltrates Deportation Detention Center - Calls for Release of All Low-Priority Detainees Published: Jul 30, 2012 Taken from DREAMActivist.org: Over the course of the last month, as the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, we have been working hard to infiltrate into select detention centers around the country to see what is really happening. On June 17th, 2011, President Obama, through ICE director John Morton, issued a memorandum outlining his administration's
Shocking Video Shows More than a Dozen Border Patrol Agents Beating a Helpless Mexican Immigrant to Death Published: Jul 27, 2012 The video above documents a barbaric incident that occurred in May 2010. It reveals the vicious beating of a man that was encountered while attempting to reenter the United States without authorization so that he could be reunited with his five United States citizen children. The man, Anastasio Hernández Rojas, was 32-years-old at the time and did not
Report: In New York 87% of cases of individuals with U.S. citizen children have resulted in deportation Published: Jul 26, 2012 The New York University School of Law Immigrant Rights Clinic and Families for Freedom have released a report entitled: “Insecure Communities, Devastated Families: New Data on Immigrant Detention and Deportation Practices in New York City.” From the summary: In the wake of growing deportation programs such as the recently-activated “Secure Communities”