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2nd Circuit Rules Criminal Sale of Marijuana 3rd is not an Aggravated Felony Published: Jul 20, 2018 Hot off the presses: Hylton v. Sessions, 17‐1567‐ag (JULY 20, 2018) Antoine Hylton, a Jamaican national, petitions for review of the order of the Board of Immigration Appeals, which found him ineligible for cancellation of removal because his prior state conviction for sale of marijuana in the third degree constituted an aggravated felony
Matthew Kolken Quoted in Business Insider Published: Jul 18, 2018 Matthew Kolken, an immigration lawyer on the board of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, told Business Insider that Obama's solution to a 2014 wave of illegal immigration from Central America "was to cage mothers with children in deportation internment camps." Fleeing Central America, where murder rates in some places are among the world's
ICE Arrests 37 People in New Jersey Immigration Enforcement Surge Published: Jul 16, 2018 NEWARK, N.J. — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Newark Field Office arrested 37 individuals during a five-day operation that concluded Friday, as part of the agency’s ongoing public safety efforts. The operation targeted criminal aliens who were previously incarcerated at the Middlesex
Matthew Kolken quoted in Bloomberg Law Published: Jul 11, 2018 “The adjudicators of the applications are now the enforcers of the law,” Matthew Kolken of Kolken & Kolken in Buffalo, N.Y., said July 9. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, not the USCIS, has traditionally handled enforcement, he told Bloomberg Law. With the likelihood of removal increasing “exponentially” if a visa petition
Many unaware that most immigrants in the U.S. are here legally Published: Jun 28, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media contact: Olivia O'Hea, 202-419-4372, oohea@pewresearch.org Shifting Public Views on Legal Immigration into the U.S. Many unaware that most immigrants in the U.S. are here legally WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 28, 2018) – While there has been considerable attention on illegal immigration into the U.S. recently, opinions about
Supreme Court Rules 8-1 For Immigrants in Statutory Eligibility Case. Published: Jun 21, 2018 PEREIRA v. SESSIONS, 585 U. S. ____ (2018): 8-1 Decision. Held: A putative notice to appear that fails to designate the specifictime or place of the noncitizen’s removal proceedings is not a “noticeto appear under §1229(a),” and so does not trigger the stop-time rule.Pp. 7–20. (a) The Court need not resort to Chevron
Matthew Kolken Featured on WGRZ Buffalo Published: Jun 20, 2018 "There's a number of individuals that come up from Central America, Mexico to the WNY area, they are working on our farms," according to Kolken. But here they aren't always sneaking into the U.S. Kolken is currently handling 20 to 30 asylum cases here in Western New York. "I've had clients that literally fled their country with nothing but the shirts on
Trump Administration Launching Office to Identify Fraud In Applications For Citizenship Published: Jun 12, 2018 Via The Associated Press: By Amy Taxin - Associated Press - Monday, June 11, 2018 LOS ANGELES (AP) — The U.S. government agency that oversees immigration applications is launching an office that will focus on identifying Americans who are suspected of cheating to get their citizenship and seek to strip them of it. U.S. Citizenship and