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Bollywood Movie Star Detained for over two hours US Immigration Officials Published: Apr 13, 2012 It has been reported that yesterday Bolywood star Shah Rukh Khan was detained and held for over two hours by U.S. immigration officials. He arrived in New York from India by private jet for the purpose of addressing students at Yale University. According to Wikipedia, Khan is commonly referred to as the "King of Bollywood." He has been credited with
The Unconsidered Alternative to Deportation Published: Apr 11, 2012 The question has been posed whether President Obama really has done everything legally possible to put an end to the destruction of hundreds of thousands of families through deportation. I, and many others, do not believe that he and his party have the political will to address comprehensive reform in a meaningful way. Not in his first term. Not in his
USCIS to Propose Changing the Process for Certain Waivers Published: Apr 11, 2012 Update: I-601 Provisional Waiver Is Not in Effect. To learn more, read this alert. Introduction On Jan. 6, 2012, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) posted a notice of intent in the Federal Register outlining its plan to reduce the time that U.S. citizens are separated from their spouses and children under certain circumstances while those
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fl - D) Backs Corrections Corporation of America over Her Constituents Published: Apr 9, 2012 Over the weekend I stumbled upon a blog posted on MyCuentame.org, which I found to be particularly telling. It appears that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fl. - D) has endorsed Correction Corporation of America's (CCA) plan to build the largest immigration detention center in the United States. For those of you who don't know, CCA is a private corporation
When Real Life Meets Art: The Continued Enforcement of DOMA in the Immigration Context Published: Apr 6, 2012 I was just introduced to a new film starting Jamie Lynn Sigler of Sopranos and Entourage fame that tackles the subject of the continued enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in the immigration context. Here is a summary of the film: Jack Edwards is a British gay man living in New York. After his brother gets killed in a brutal car crash Jack
Obama’s "Uncle Omar" to meet with Immigration Officials to Discuss Deportation to Kenya Published: Apr 5, 2012 The Boston Globe reports that President Obama's uncle Onyango "Omar" Obama has been "summoned" to a meeting with ICE officials in Burlington, Massachusetts to discuss his deportation to Kenya. Uncle Omar was ordered deported in 1992, but never left the United States. His drunk driving arrest last August brought him to the attention of immigration
Largest Immigration "Sweep" in History Nets 3,168 Immigrants Published: Apr 3, 2012 And the deportation machine rolls on. The Obama administration announced yesterday that they arrested more than 3,100 immigrants over a six day period. It was called operation "Cross Check," and is the largest of its kind in the history of the United States. Another record for President Obama. It has been reported that more than half (1,691) of all of the
Obama Administration "Pleased" to Report that they Deported 46,486 Parents of United States Citizens in the Second-Half of 2011 Published: Apr 2, 2012 Now I have seen it all. The Obama administration just stated that they are "pleased" to report that from January 1, 2011, through June 30, 2011, they deported 46,486 parents of United States citizens. John Morton's congratulatory statement is front and center on page two of the report. To be crass, what the hell is there to be "pleased" about? Did they