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Debating Immigration Detention Reform Published: Oct 3, 2012 "The Denver Contract Detention Facility holds several hundred immigration detainees at any given time -- thousands annually. They are among the hundreds of thousands of immigrants and asylum seekers detained last year in detention facilities across the nation at a cost to taxpayers of $2 billion. If that price tag alone doesn't warrant a question from
Immigration-rights advocates criticize Gov. Brown's veto of Trust Act Published: Oct 3, 2012 "Immigration-rights advocates are criticizing Gov. Jerry Brown for signing what they called a hollow, symbolic bill while vetoing one of the most closely watched pieces of immigration legislation in the country. The bill that Brown signed, which lets some young immigrants have driver's licenses, allows nothing beyond what is permitted under a new federal
WHY IT MATTERS: Immigration Published: Oct 3, 2012 "Illegal immigration has slowed in recent years, with the Border Patrol recently recording the fewest arrests in almost 40 years. But many people worry that the Mexican border, the most popular crossing point for newly arriving illegal immigrants, still isn't secure more than a decade after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. In the last several years,
Romney eases immigration stance as Obama urges Latino turnout Published: Oct 3, 2012 "As President Obama and Mitt Romney prepare to face off in Denver on Wednesday in their first debate, both are focused keenly on the power of Latino voters to determine the election's outcome in Colorado, Nevada and Florida, among other states. Dual gestures this week by the presidential rivals demonstrated two things: The president cannot do enough to
Romney Won't Revoke Immigrant Work Visas Under Obama's Temporary Plan Published: Oct 2, 2012 "Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he would honor temporary work permits for young undocumented immigrants who were allowed to stay in the U.S. because of President Barack Obama's new temporary policy of so-called "deferred action." In an interview appearing in Tuesday's Denver Post, Romney said that people who are able to earn the
No Real Differences Between Presidential Candidates on Immigration Published: Oct 1, 2012 "Although they have a stated difference on legalizing other undocumented aliens, the practical difference is nonexistent. Consider that the president blames his failure to submit an immigration bill in his first term on Republicans "walking away," but in 2009 and 2010, Democrats had large majorities in both houses of Congress, so GOP support was not
Ruben Navarrette: Obama's fantasy world on immigration Published: Sep 28, 2012 "When pressed by Ramos and Salinas about his failures on immigration, Obama trotted out all the old and familiar excuses, justifications and half-truths that he and his surrogates have used for the last two years to explain away their policy of "broken promises, broken families." This included the assertions that have already been discredited, like the
Arizona To Appeal Judge's Ruling Against Part Of Immigration Law Published: Sep 28, 2012 "Arizona Governor Jan Brewer plans to fight a federal judge's ruling against a part of Arizona's tough immigration law that would have made it a crime to harbor undocumented immigrants, court papers showed on Thursday. Lawyers for the Republican governor said the state planned to lodge an appeal with the 9th U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco to remove