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Arizona Immigration Law Survives Ruling Published: Sep 7, 2012 "A decision by a federal judge on Wednesday paved the way for the most controversial section of Arizona’s sweeping immigration legislation, requiring the authorities to verify the status of people who they suspect are in the country illegally, to finally take effect.In denying a request by a coalition of civil rights groups to bar the provision, commonly
Illegal immigrant makes history, addresses Democratic convention Published: Sep 6, 2012 "It was a short speech, but when Benita Veliz stepped up to the lectern at the Democratic National Convention, she made history. The 27-year-old from San Antonio became the first illegal immigrant to address a national political convention. “Like so many Americans of all races and backgrounds, I was brought here as a child,” she told the crowd Wednesday
At DNC, Undocumented Aliens Push For More Immigration Reform Published: Sep 5, 2012 "As Democrats gather in Charlotte, North Carolina to nominate President Barack Obama for a second term in office, undocumented immigrants are using the spotlight to voice their concerns about U.S. immigration policy. Despite efforts to help certain illegal aliens, many believe President Obama has not done enough." Click here for more of this US immigration
Judge Favors Students in Immigrant-Tuition Suit Published: Sep 5, 2012 "A federal judge ruled that children of undocumented immigrants cannot pay higher out-of-state tuition in Florida simply because their parents are in the U.S. illegally. U.S. District Judge K. Michael Moore determined the policy violates the equal protection clause of the Constitution by forcing those students to unfairly pay three times as much as Florida
Immigrants arrested after blocking street Published: Sep 5, 2012 "Ten undocumented immigrants were arrested Tuesday afternoon after sitting down in an uptown intersection and refusing police orders to disperse. The activists are part of the “Undocubus,” a group of about 50 undocumented immigrants traveling from Phoenix to Charlotte to argue for immigration reform during the Democratic National Convention." Click here
GOP Immigration Policies: Jeb Bush Talks Sense Published: Sep 5, 2012 "Former Gov. Jeb Bush has been mounting a sensible challenge to the Republican Party's conventional wisdom on immigration policies. It's a shame he did not repeat his advice during his speech at the Republican National Convention last week, but that's no surprise at such a scripted function. For the good of the party's reputation and the nation's economy,
DNC's Hispanic Caucus Defend Obama On Immigration, Blame GOP Published: Sep 4, 2012 "When challenged on Obama’s high level of deportations, Democrats either blamed uncooperative Republicans or pointed to Obama’s Homeland Security Directive that stopped the deportation of undocumented young people already in the country. Others recited Obama’s domestic policy achievements. "The foundation has been laid, that’s what Obama has been doing the
Bad immigration ideas from all directions Published: Sep 4, 2012 "No balanced talk of immigration reform is expected before the November election. But that need not stop the airing of proposals, some of them semi-formed, some half-baked. From the left, we have the TRUST Act, a bill passed by the California Legislature and now awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s uncertain signature. It would require local law enforcement to defy