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Feds oppose bid by immigrant to be lawyer in Calif Published: Aug 3, 2012 "Federal officials have opposed the attempt of a Mexican immigrant living in the U.S. without legal permission to become a lawyer in California. The Department of Justice issued its opinion in a brief released Thursday in the case of Sergio Garcia before the California Supreme Court. Garcia has completed law school and passed the state bar exam. The final
Immigrants prove big business for prison companies Published: Aug 2, 2012 "The cost to American taxpayers is on track to top $2 billion for this year, and the companies are expecting their biggest cut of that yet in the next few years thanks to government plans for new facilities to house the 400,000 immigrants detained annually. After a decade of expansion, the sprawling, private system runs detention centers everywhere from a
Alex Nowraseth: Actually, Obama increased immigration enforcement Published: Aug 1, 2012 "Obama's DHS has so far deported more people than during the first six and a half years of George W. Bush's administration. Just shy of 1.5 million unauthorized immigrants have been forcefully deported from the United States under Napolitano's leadership. These annual deportation figures are higher that at any other time in U.S. history, pushing the backlog
Tug-of-Love: Immigrant Mom Loses Effort to Regain Son Given to US Parents Published: Aug 1, 2012 "In a controversial case that involved the rights of illegal immigrants and their young children, a Guatemalan mother lost her effort today to get back the five-year old son who was taken away from her after her arrest on immigration charges and put up for adoption in Missouri despite her objections. A Missouri judge ruled the boy should stay with the
Indiana immigration law partially unconstitutional, says attorney general Published: Aug 1, 2012 "Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller conceded Tuesday that a key portion of the state’s anti-illegal-immigration law is unconstitutional, and it appears unlikely lawmakers will revise the statute anytime soon to make it enforceable. Zoeller’s decision comes after the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark ruling June 25 to strike down similar measures in Arizona
Immigration activists gear up for Aug. 15 opening of 2-year work permit process Published: Aug 1, 2012 "On Tuesday, immigrant advocates in Chicago began gearing up for the Aug. 15 launch of the application process by announcing a DREAM Relief Day event on the same day at Navy Pier, where attorneys and other volunteers will be available to help those eligible apply for the two-year work permits. The process, announced in June over heated objections from some
Immigration and keeping families intact Published: Jul 31, 2012 "A study by the Applied Research Center, which studies the intersection of immigration enforcement and the child welfare system, found that some 5,000 children in more than 20 states were put in foster care after their parents were detained or deported by immigration authorities. Experts say parents who are detained or face immigration-related prosecutions
President Obama: Deporter-In-Chief Published: Jul 31, 2012 "“Everyone eligible for a deferral under Obama’s June announcement was already eligible under the Morton Memo,” said immigration attorney Matthew Kolken of Buffalo, New York. “But since the Morton memo only favorably exercised prosecutorial discretion for 1.9 percent of all reviewed deportation cases, it’s hard to be optimistic about Obama’s most recent