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Bi-Partisan Positive Steps To Reform High-Skilled Immigration‎ Published: Jun 4, 2012 "Two bills to positively reform the highly skilled immigration system were recently introduced in the Senate. The STAR Act, introduced by John Cornyn (R-TX), would eliminate the diversity lottery and redirect those green cards toward foreign graduates of American universities in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields (STEM). The SMART
Activists press US gov't on processing of immigrant families‎ Published: Jun 1, 2012 "Several pro-immigrant organizations demanded on Thursday that the Obama administration implement the proposal for a new procedure that would allow the spouses and children of U.S. citizens to remain in the country while their immigration situation is regularized. On Jan. 6, the president and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, announced
DREAMers Start Campaign addressing President Obama's Immigration Failures Published: May 31, 2012 "Young immigrants, saying President Obama has done little to diminish the threat of deportations they face despite repeated promises, have started a campaign to press him to use executive powers to allow them to remain legally in the country. The campaign is led by the United We Dream Network, the largest organization of young immigrants here illegally
Romney's Latino Strategy Comes Into Focus Published: May 30, 2012 "Mitt Romney's campaign and surrogates may have decided on the three-pronged Latino strategy heading into the general election: Focus solely on the economy to compete for the small slice of Latino voters willing to look past anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies; Have the candidate avoid discussing immigration, even when speaking before Latino audiences;
Supreme Court Likely to Decide Arizona Immigration Law Case by Late June Published: May 29, 2012 "The Supreme Court will likely hand down a decision regarding Arizona’s controversial immigration law, SB 1070, in late June, according to the Associated Press. One never knows when the Supreme Court will pronounce its last, often biggest, opinions of the term. But the justices' summer travel schedules make it a pretty safe bet that blockbuster health care
Immigration war is causing real pain to farmers‎ Published: May 29, 2012 "Farmers and ranchers in states like Mississippi and Arizona are currently caught in the crosshairs of an immigration battle that’s been waged over state versus federal control. Arizona took their case for state authority (based on legislation S1070) all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in May and is expecting a decision later this month. In the meantime,
Woman Who Made Domestic Violence Call Ends up in Immigration Custody Published: May 25, 2012 "A Colorado woman who called police for help in an alleged domestic violence incident said she ended up being turned over to immigration agents and held in their custody for nearly two weeks. Virginia Urtusuastegui's case is one of three that the Colorado American Civil Liberties Union said it has documented in the Western Slope county in which suspected
Obama as "worse than Joe Arpaio" on immigration Published: May 25, 2012 "Latinos should reconsider their support for the president over his having overseen a record number of deportations of illegal immigrants, which he describes as "a policy of massive and systematic deportations that is much more punitive than the Arizona law." He argues that Mr. Obama has been "worse than Joe Arpaio" on immigration, claiming that the