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South Carolina Immigration Law Exempts Sitters, Housekeepers, Farmworkers Published: Mar 20, 2012 "Immigration laws fuel fear in many immigrant communities, but in South Carolina, some undocumented immigrants have no need to worry about the state’s tough new law. The law, which seeks to crack down undocumented workers by requiring employers to verify their immigration status through a federal database, does not apply to farm workers, housekeepers and
DHS Border Patrol Arrest Statistics Underestimate Illegal Immigration Published: Mar 19, 2012 "Recently published reports have focused on a letter submitted on March 1st by Congressman Darrel Issa to Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano. Issa is the Californian Republican who chairs the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight. His letter demanded Napolitano address claims that the Border Patrol has been “cooking the
Mississippi Jumps on Immigration Enforcement Bandwagon Published: Mar 16, 2012 Yesterday, Mississippi's House of Representatives passed the "Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act" by a vote of 70-47. It is expected to pass the Senate, and to be signed into law by Gov. Phil Bryant. The Southern Poverty Law Center is already queuing up a law suit. I still haven't read the text of the Bill. Once I have I'll post the
Allowed to stay, Miami student becomes face of Obama immigration policy Published: Mar 15, 2012 “The Obama administration is saying that they are using smarter enforcement criteria to target and institute deportation proceeding, but guess what? They're not,” says Mr. Kolken. “This is political posturing by the Obama administration, which knows that the Hispanic electorate is turned off by Republican anti-immigrant rhetoric but which also is concerned
Immigration Case Challenges Justice Department's Credibility Published: Mar 14, 2012 "The Justice Department said it was prepared to correct its possibly misleading statements that influenced a Supreme Court ruling against immigrants facing deportation. Justice Department lawyers told the high court in a 2009 case that the government "facilitates" the return of deportees who later win their cases on appeal. Chief Justice John Roberts
Dream Act: Jailed illegal immigrant becomes N.C. rallying point Published: Mar 14, 2012 "Alberto, a native of Mexico brought to the U.S. by his parents at age 7, waged a 10-day hunger strike in the Wake County Jail until Monday. In a jailhouse interview, he told WGHP-TV of Greensboro, N.C., that he stopped the hunger strike because his mother was concerned about his health. A federal immigration hearing in Alberto's case is scheduled for
Are President Obama's Deportation Changes Real? Published: Mar 13, 2012 "Somewhere between the announcement and the implementation of President Obama's deportation policy, something has failed. Last Thursday, the Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told Congress that his agency had reviewed more than 142,000 pending deportation cases and had closed or dismissed proceedings against only about 1,500 individuals
Immigrant on hunger strike will ask for release from jail Published: Mar 12, 2012 "Attorneys for Winston-Salem activist Uriel Alberto – who is on a hunger strike lasting more than a week – plan to file a bond motion Tuesday in immigration court to try to get him out of the Wake County Jail. Alberto and two other protesters were charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct after they interrupted a special House committee on immigration in