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Alabama immigration law puts high school musical on hold‎ Published: Mar 10, 2012 "A public high school has put the production of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" on hold after a New York licensing house that owns the rights to the play refused to submit a document required under the immigration law. The licensing company, Tams-Witmark Music Library Inc., relented and submitted the document Friday following inquiries from The
Mexican immigrant with NYC law degree is in limbo Published: Mar 9, 2012 "A Mexican immigrant who passed the New York bar exam last year cannot work as a lawyer because he was brought to the U.S. illegally as a child, and his situation could soon become part of a national debate. Cesar Vargas was 5 years old when he arrived from Puebla, Mexico, with his mother in 1990. He's now a 28-year-old City University of New York law
Pollster: Latinos Are Key to GOP Winning White House Published: Mar 8, 2012 "Ayers' warning comes on the heels of a Fox News Latino poll that showed none of the Republican presidential candidates attracting more than 14 percent of the support from this bloc when paired in a head-to-head matchup with President Obama. And though the GOP candidates have derided the president for his handling of the economy and his signing of the
Florida Valedictorian Wins Deportation Fight - For Now Published: Mar 7, 2012 "The valedictorian of a Florida high school who was close to being deported has won a reprieve from the Department of Homeland Security, which is deferring action for two years. Attorney Nera Shefer's office received notification from the Department of Homeland Security Tuesday that Daniela Pelaez was given a deferred action for two years." Click here for
For Latinos, Immigration More Personal than Political, Poll Says Published: Mar 7, 2012 "A new Fox News Latino poll conducted of 1,200 likely Latino voters nationwide, under the direction of Latin Insights, shows that they care most about the economy when it comes to the presidential race. Nearly 50 percent said jobs and the economy were the top issues for them – a markedly smaller group, 12 percent, consider immigration a top issue when
Ga. Senate passes immigration colleges bill Published: Mar 6, 2012 "The Georgia Senate voted Monday to approve a bill aimed at barring illegal immigrant students from state colleges, universities and technical schools. Senate Bill 458, approved by a 34-to-19 vote, also would tweak other state laws dealing with illegal immigration. During nearly two hours of discussion, lawmakers focused mostly on illegal immigrants'
Obama still deporting DREAMers, serious criminals get a pass. Published: Mar 6, 2012 Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week. I've been completely swamped with Court appearances, which has kept me away from the blog. In my absence there has been no shortage of deportation related stories, and I'll endeavor to get you up to speed. First, Syracuse's TRAC Immigration has determined that there has been a sharp decline (33%) in the
Separated couple awaits immigration law change Published: Mar 5, 2012 "Agustin, 49, and Ana, 60, have been separated by the border for nearly two years. She misses his companionship and how he cared for her when she was sick. He longs to seek her counsel when something troubles him, to feel her warmth as they sleep "Without her, I am practically nothing," he said. He lives alone in Tijuana. She lives in a small Los Angeles