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Alabama immigration law costs $11 billion, study shows Published: Feb 1, 2012 "Alabama’s controversial immigration law, considered one of the toughest in the nation, is costing the state’s economy up to a whopping $10.8 billion annually, according to a new study. Under the law, which passed in the state last year, police are allowed to detain individuals suspected of being an illegal immigrant and cannot produce proper documentation
Romney Grabs Florida Latino Vote, Immigration Not Major Issue Published: Feb 1, 2012 "Despite being labeled as an anti-immigrant candidate and losing out on the endorsement of key Latino groups, Mitt Romney was able to pull out a handy win during Tuesday’s GOP primary in Florida and even took the majority of the Hispanic vote in the state. A majority of Latinos in Florida backed Romney, a sharp improvement over his 2008 showing of 14
ICE Confirms DREAMer Yanelli Hernandez Deported to Mexico Published: Feb 1, 2012 "ICE spokesman Khaalid Walls: Yanelli HERNANDEZ-Serrano was removed to her native country, Mexico, today in accordance with a final order of removal from an immigration judge. ICE has adopted common sense policies that ensure our immigration laws are enforced in a way that best enhances public safety, border security and the integrity of the immigration
Obama business plan ends country-specific immigrant visa caps‎ Published: Jan 31, 2012 "President Obama’s small-business growth plan includes a proposal to eliminate country-specific caps for certain immigrant visa categories. The proposal, which is likely to run into opposition from some members of Congress, would eliminate the caps to “attract more high skilled foreign workers, including entrepreneurs" to the United States, according to a
Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano Calls for Immigration Overhaul Published: Jan 31, 2012 "Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the United States' immigration laws were outdated and in need of overhaul. In her second annual Address on the State of the Nation’s Homeland Security, Napolitano said they’re "sorely outdated and in need of revision." Asked by an audience member at the National Press Club what she sees as most in need of
Marco Rubio Calls For GOP to Chill on Immigration Rhetoric Published: Jan 30, 2012 "Florida Senator and Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio said Friday afternoon that Republicans are guilty of “harsh” and sometimes “intolerable” rhetoric regarding immigration and said he supported a bipartisan solution for undocumented students, the so called DREAMers. During a speech at the Hispanic Leadership Network Conference in Miami, the Republican
For border agent, a will to survive and endure Published: Jan 30, 2012 "There was a time not too long ago when Luke Dithrich's career with the U.S. Border Patrol seemed destined to end in an intensive-care unit in Southern California. Torn aorta. Ruptured spleen. Collapsed lungs. Amputated left leg. Even his doctors seemed prepared for the worst, giving Dithrich at best a 10 percent chance of survival. Yet he made it out of
Gingrich explains his immigration policy Published: Jan 30, 2012 Gingrich says that he will take a "whatever steps are necessary" approach to controlling the borders, and opposes blanket amnesty. Or in other words, he says the same thing that every other politician in Washington (Republican or Democrat) has been saying. Par for the course. Click here for the source of this immigration news story.