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Republican introduces a military-only version of DREAM Act Published: Jan 27, 2012 Inspired by Monday night’s Republican presidential debate over immigration, Rep. David Rivera, R-Miami, filed a bill that would give young people who serve in the military — not college students — a path to U.S. citizenship. "If somebody is willing to die for America, then certainly they deserve a chance at life in America," Rivera said. Rivera’s plan is
Obama tangles with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer over immigration book‎ Published: Jan 27, 2012 "President Obama and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) appeared to exchange heated words in front of reporters and other public officials on Wednesday as Obama arrived in this Southwestern city for the second stop of his post-State of the Union tour. The unusual confrontation--which included Brewer pointing her finger at Obama, and Obama walking away--centered
Romney Demands Gingrich Apology on Immigration in Florida Debate Published: Jan 27, 2012 "Mitt Romney demanded an apology for what he called "inexcusable" and "repulsive" remarks by Newt Gingrich for calling him the most "anti-immigrant" candidate in the Republican presidential race, as the candidates squared off in the last debate before Florida's Jan. 31 primary. "The idea that I'm anti-immigrant is repulsive -- don't use a term like that,"
Dems bash Romney for immigration inconsistences, laud Gingrich Published: Jan 26, 2012 "A poll out Thursday morning by Quinnipiac University shows that in Florida, Romney remains a stronger threat to President Obama than Gingrich. "It all comes down to one basic point: Newt Gingrich hasn’t attacked his rivals in the presidential primary because of their immigration stance whereas Mitt Romney has,'' Balsera said. "Depending on the audience,
Rubio: Immigration not only issue for Hispanics Published: Jan 26, 2012 "A Hispanic-American U.S. senator from Florida who's considered a rising star in the Republican Party says too much is being made of the significance of immigration to his community. Sen. Marco Rubio says that while immigration is of critical importance, economic security weighs more heavily on Hispanics' minds "on the vast majority of the days of the
State of the Union: Obama Calls for Greater Income Equality and Immigration Reform Published: Jan 25, 2012 "Facing a deeply divided Congress, Obama appealed for lawmakers to send him legislation on immigration, clean energy and housing, knowing full well the election-year prospects are bleak but aware that polls show that the independent voters who lifted him to the presidency crave bipartisanship. Obama reiterated a call for comprehensive immigration reform,
Courting Latino Vote, Romney Treads Lightly on Immigration Published: Jan 24, 2012 "When Mitt Romney pulled in for a campaign rally here recently, he pointedly left his tough stance against illegal immigration far behind in South Carolina, where he had trumpeted the issue repeatedly. It was a tactical decision designed to avoid irritating Florida’s coveted 450,000 Hispanic Republican voters, a group that is overwhelmingly Cuban-American,
Candidates' Stance On Immigration Scrutinized Ahead Of Florida Primary‎ Published: Jan 24, 2012 "Florida, with its large and influential Latino population, provides the earliest gauge of the difficulty facing any eventual GOP nominee in courting Hispanic voters, who increasingly view Republicans' rhetoric about immigration as anti-Hispanic. A tough stance on immigration broadly appeals to GOP primary voters, but less so in the general election of