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Why Romney's stance on immigration could cost him the White House Published: Jan 17, 2012 "Americans of all stripes vote for immigration through their decisions about whom they hire to clean their homes and offices, the restaurants they patronize, and the complicity they tolerate from most state governments. Some veil their choices by hiring cleaning services and caterers instead of housekeepers and cooks, but most participate in the fiction
US Border Patrol Toughens Up Revolving Door Policy‎ Published: Jan 17, 2012 "The Border Patrol is overhauling its approach on migrants caught crossing the 1,954-mile border that the United States shares with Mexico and wants to halt its revolving-door policy of sending migrants back to Mexico without any punishment. Years of enormous growth at the federal agency in terms of staff and technology have helped drive down apprehensions
At debate, Romney takes hard-line stances on immigration Published: Jan 17, 2012 "Romney has taken the most conservative stance on illegal immigration among the Republican field, leading moderator Juan Williams to question whether he was harming the party’s chances among Latino voters in the general election. Romney responded with a vigorous defense of his belief that those in the country illegally must go home if they would like to
Immigration deportation cases under review Published: Jan 17, 2012 "Federal deportation hearings for noncriminal defendants released from custody were suspended Dec. 5 for the review and resume this week. Similar reviews are planned across the country by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. While the immigration courtrooms in Denver fell silent, prosecutors had time to examine case files, check residency history -
Union fight interrupts immigration reviews‎ Published: Jan 16, 2012 "Chris Crane, president of the National ICE Council, called the new situation full of "confusion and frustration." Crane's National ICE Council is the union representing thousands of agents. He told a House subcommittee in October that the new directives order ICE agents to not enforce the law. In a statement to CBS News, Crane said the policy is
Debate Heats up Over Ill. Jailed Immigrant Policy Published: Jan 14, 2012 "A top U.S. immigration official and the president of an Illinois county that includes Chicago are engaged in a heated dispute over a controversial ordinance that forbids the sheriff from alerting federal authorities when they're about to release suspected illegal immigrants." Click here for more of this US immigration news update.
Romney to hammer Gingrich, Perry on immigration in SC Published: Jan 13, 2012 "Mitt Romney plans to hammer Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry on immigration in a bid to win over conservative voters in South Carolina, where the GOP frontrunner has a narrow lead in polls. Romney intends to highlight his credentials as a firm opponent of illegal immigration in an appearance Monday with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R), who
Mitt Romney's Hispanic dilemma‎ Published: Jan 13, 2012 "That juxtaposition shows the difficult path the frontrunner is facing as he seeks to simultaneously wrap up the Republican nomination while also beginning to move to the ideological center for the general election. The swing states of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and North Carolina all have large Hispanic populations. Florida especially will be