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Texas girl mistakenly deported to Colombia reunited with family Published: Jan 7, 2012 "A Texas teenager deported to Colombia last year after claiming to be an illegal immigrant was reunited with family in Dallas on Friday. The 15-year-old girl was the last person off the plane Friday evening, according to CNN's Jason Morris, who was on the flight. Upon her arrival at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Jakadrien Lorece Turner was
Commentary: Mistaken deportation of Texas teen highlights the rigid, incompetent immigration bureaucracy Published: Jan 6, 2012 "Mark Lyttle, an American citizen born in North Carolina with a history of mental illness, was picked up by ICE in 2008. He gave conflicting stories to different agents, at one point claiming he was a Mexican citizen to avoid argument. ICE ignored records showing he was born in North Carolina and deported him anyway. Lyttle eventually returned to the U.S.
Mistakenly deported US teen coming home. Published: Jan 6, 2012 "A 15-year-old Dallas girl who had told US immigration officials she was a 21-year-old immigrant is on her way back to the United States after being deported to Colombia. Jakadrien Turner's family has threatened to sue the US immigration system for failing to spot her ruse, especially since, according to the family, she didn't speak Spanish. Meanwhile,
Easier Route to Green Card to Be Proposed for Some Published: Jan 6, 2012 "Obama administration officials announced on Friday that they will propose a fix to a notorious snag in immigration law that will spare hundreds of thousands of American citizens from prolonged separations from immigrant spouses and children. The change that immigration officials are offering would benefit United States citizens who are married to or have
Romney and adviser at odds on immigration‎ Published: Jan 6, 2012 "An informal adviser to the Mitt Romney campaign recently lobbied Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform and the DREAM Act, stances that are at odds with Romney’s increasingly hard-line position on the immigration in general and opposition to the DREAM Act in particular. Longtime Republican operative Charlie Black, who was a top aide to the John
Immigration officials investigate circumstances under which Texas teen deported to Colombia Published: Jan 6, 2012 "The grandmother of a Dallas teen who was deported to Colombia is hoping the 15-year-old can come back soon and says U.S. officials should have done more to identify the girl after she gave a fake name and claimed to be an adult. U.S. immigration officials say they’re investigating the circumstances of the case involving Jakadrien Lorece Turner, but that
Latino Immigration to the U.S. Could End This Year Published: Jan 5, 2012 "The flow of immigrants from Latin America to the United States, a constant and often accelerating trend of the last three decades, slowed in 2011. The most prominent was the change from Mexico. New arrivals fell off a cliff, with apprehensions at the border hitting their lowest levels in seventeen years. The drop is so great that Doug Massey, head of the
Deportation threat lifted from S.F. gay spouse Published: Jan 5, 2012 "Bradford Wells and Anthony John Makk have been together for 19 years. They're married and live in the Castro, but have been living under the threat of separation because Wells is a U.S. citizen and Makk a citizen of Australia. That threat ended Wednesday, when they won a two-year stay of Makk's deportation." Click here for more of this US immigration