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Texas runaway found in Colombia after she was mistakenly deported Published: Jan 5, 2012 "A Texas runaway who disappeared in 2010 was found in Colombia recently after federal officials deported the teen, who doesn’t speak Spanish, a Dallas TV news station reported. The wayward girl, who was identified only by her first name, Jakadrien, ran away from home in the fall of 2010 as her parents were going through a divorce, her grandmother, Lorene
Obama's immigration tough-guy approach too much Published: Jan 5, 2012 "ICE has targeted Jorge Aguilar. The 62-year-old California resident is not an illegal immigrant. In fact, he is a legal immigrant with a valid green card. He followed the rules to enter this country when he came as a young man to pick fruits and vegetables in the San Joaquin Valley. And he followed the rules to stay by renewing his green card every 10
Immigrant advocates hammer Romney on his promise to veto DREAM Act Published: Jan 3, 2012 "National advocates for immigrant rights are hammering Mitt Romney this week for opposing legislation providing a path to citizenship for illegal immigrant students. The advocates maintain that Romney's recent vow to veto the DREAM Act if he wins the White House will "disqualify" him in the eyes of Latino voters, an ever-growing constituency that both
Romney: "If I'm the president of the United States I want to end illegal immigration so that we can protect legal immigration. I like legal immigration." Published: Jan 3, 2012 "A young woman asked Romney about the bipartisan proposal known as the Dream Act, during an appearance at a crowded restaurant in Le Mars, a conservative Republican stronghold in western Iowa. "The question is if I were elected and Congress were to pass the Dream Act, would I veto it and the answer is yes," Romney said. "For those that come here
Immigration rights: US launches new hotline for detainees‎ Published: Dec 30, 2011 "Federal immigration officials Thursday announced the creation of a telephone hotline to ensure that detainees held by local police are informed of their rights. The toll-free number, (855) 448-6903, will field queries from detainees held by state or local law enforcement agencies if the detainees "believe they may be U.S. citizens or victims of a crime,"
Newt Gingrich Details Illegal Immigration Plan and How to Handle Those Already in Our Country Published: Dec 29, 2011 "“First, you complete the fence by January 1, 2014 so that you have control over the border, which does a great deal in terms of stopping drugs, in terms of stopping illegal immigration and in terms of national security. “Second, you make English the official language of government so that there is one common language. Remember, it’s not just one or two
As Deportations Rise to Record Levels, Most Latinos Oppose Obama’s Policy Published: Dec 29, 2011 "By a ratio of more than two-to-one (59% versus 27%), Latinos disapprove of the way the Obama administration is handling deportations of unauthorized immigrants, according to a new national survey of Latino adults by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center. Deportations have reached record levels under President Obama, rising to an
Alabama immigration law deterring investors‎ Published: Dec 29, 2011 "Some local officials in Alabama are worried that the state's tough new immigration law has turned off foreign investors from bringing business -- and jobs -- to cities that desperately need them." Click here for more of this US immigration news update.