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Romney Charts Risky Course With Immigration Attacks‎ Published: Nov 28, 2011 "In his bid to lock up the Republican nomination in fast fashion, GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney is again flirting with hard-line immigration policies, a risky course that reflects Romney’s difficulty in straddling primary and general election campaigns. While Romney scored easy points against rival Rick Perry for offering in-state college tuition to students
Gingrich is Right, Bachmann is Wrong in Immigration Dispute‎ Published: Nov 28, 2011 "An important additional point on illegal immigration was made: “However, as conservatives we believe that our laws must reflect reality and common sense, be fiscally responsible, and avoid the loss of innocent life. Our current immigration laws do not pass this test.” The statement pointed out that between 1990 and 2000, the United States increased the
Trump defends Gingrich, says he is showing 'compassion' on immigration Published: Nov 28, 2011 "Real estate mogul Donald Trump defended Newt Gingrich's stance on immigration policy, saying that the GOP hopeful was "showing a lot of compassion." Trump said that while Gingrich may have done "himself considerable harm, maybe" with conservative voters over his immigration views, he had helped himself with independent voters. "With the overall
Newt Gingrich's Immigration Gambit: Is He Crazy Like a Fox?‎ Published: Nov 27, 2011 "An actual look at the plan proposed by Gingrich is suggestive of just how much fresh thinking he's done on immigration, though, arguably, he actually cribbed a healthy chunk of his proposal from the so-called "red card" plan developed by Helen Kriebel, executive director of the center-right foundation that bears her name. Gingrich, like Kriebel, suggests
'Dreamers' languish in deportation limbo Published: Nov 26, 2011 "Nationally, the Obama administration took steps this month to curb the backlog and, at the same time, ease tensions with Hispanic leaders upset with its immigration record. "He's incredibly hypocritical," Kolken said of Obama. Kolken said Obama preached pro-immigrant reform as a candidate but has overseen a massive strategy of deportation as president.
Alabama City Drops Immigration Charge Against Mercedez-Benz Executive‎ Published: Nov 25, 2011 "Authorities from the Alabama city of Tuscaloosa have dismissed a charge against a Mercedez-Benz executive who had traveled there from Germany on business, and found himself caught in the web of the state’s immigration laws. The executive was arrested under Alabama's new crackdown on illegal immigration after a police officer caught him driving without
Ruling on Ala. immigration law averts exodus, groups say Published: Nov 25, 2011 "Some portions of Alabama's law, known as HB 56 and described by supporters and critics as the harshest state immigration law in the country, were already blocked by a federal judge. On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson took an additional step by ordering the state to stop denying manufactured home registration permits to people who couldn't
Alabama Considers Revision of Immigration Law Ensnaring Mercedes Executive Published: Nov 24, 2011 " Dial, who voted for the law in June along with every other Republican legislator but one, started having second thoughts soon after the statute went into effect in late September. Fearful of being deported, immigrants fled the state by the thousands, resulting in labor shortages. The law has also caused confusion for U.S. business owners and workers, who