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Ruben Navarrette: Latinos taken for a ride by President Obama Published: Feb 6, 2013 "When it comes to Obama and immigration, Latinos have been bamboozled too many times. And the games that are played show such a profound level of dishonesty and disrespect that it borders on contempt. Even Obama's pledge to pursue immigration reform in the next few months has to be taken with a grain of salt. Just look at what has happened with
House begins process to examine comprehensive immigration proposals Published: Feb 6, 2013 "The House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday held a preliminary hearing to examine efforts to overhaul the nation's immigrations laws, launching the chamber's first public efforts on the issue this year. The House effort came 8 days after a bipartisan group of senators released a blueprint for reform that would legalize most of the country's illegal
Obama Deportation Toll Could Pass 2 Million At Current Rates Published: Feb 1, 2013 "As lawmakers debate the Obama administration's commitment to immigration enforcement, a report released last week shows that 2 million people will be deported by 2014 -- more than the total number of deportations before 1997 -- if they continue at the current rate." Click here for more of this US immigration news update.
The new politics of immigration Published: Jan 31, 2013 "Republicans who always held views on immigration similar to the president’s — notably Sen. John McCain — are now free to say so. Other Republicans who thought a hard line on the issue was a political winner have been forced by the electoral facts to change their minds. Democrats, aware of how important Latino votes are to their
Marco Rubio Immigration Push Tiptoes Fine Line On Pathway To Citizenship Published: Jan 31, 2013 "On Wednesday, the Florida senator faced a similar task at a Senate Steering Committee luncheon, where he spoke about the immigration reform proposal to some of his own skeptical colleagues. As he emerged from the meeting, Rubio declined to say what was discussed. But he conceded that the pathway to citizenship was a tough sell to opponents, who call it
Immigration Reform Proposal Shows Similar Ideas Betweeen Bush and Obama Published: Jan 31, 2013 "Take a look back at President Bush’s 2006 televised address to the nation on immigration reform and read it alongside President Obama’s Las Vegas take on the same subject this Tuesday. The style may be different, but the substance and sentiment are essentially the same. In both cases, there are calls for increased border security paired with a
Obama's Immigration Plan Inspires Some, Irks Others Published: Jan 30, 2013 " speech was short on details and instead loaded with prepared but enthusiastic remarks about the need for reform. But a fact sheet released by the White House outlined in detail his key points, which include an emphasis on securing the border. The other pillars include cracking down on hiring unauthorized workers, a path to earned citizenship and improving
Obama presses immigration agenda as senators draft new overhaul Published: Jan 29, 2013 "President Obama, just days into his second term, is pressing ahead on the explosive issue of immigration reform -- boosted Monday by a bipartisan group of senators drafting a proposal of their own while running into early criticism that the blueprint amounts to "amnesty." The president is traveling Tuesday to Las Vegas, where he will outline his