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Asylum Granted for Citizen of Pakistan Published: Dec 6, 2018 Another asylum victory before the immigration judge this time on behalf of an Ahmadi Muslim from Pakistan who fled persecution on account of his religious beliefs. The victory was in the face of the Department's strenuous opposition.
Green Card Holder from Palestine Naturalized After Suing Trump Administration Published: Nov 28, 2018 We just turned a green card holder from Palestine into a U.S. citizen after suing the Trump administration in District Court. Our client filed for naturalization through other counsel in 2015. He was previously charged with marriage fraud. After not being scheduled for examination for more than two years, he contacted us to see what could be done. After
Matthew Kolken quoted in Business INSIDER Published: Nov 27, 2018 Matthew Kolken, an immigration attorney based in Buffalo, New York, said the "biggest shift" between Obama and Trump on immigration is in their rhetoric. "The Trump administration wants everyone to know that he's harsh on immigrants," Kolken told INSIDER. "Obama was the exact opposite. His rhetoric was very lofty, and favorable to immigration reform."
Deportation Prevented Resulting in a Green Card Published: Nov 22, 2018 We just received the green card for a Colombian national overcoming a previously denied petition to remove conditions on lawful permanent residence. His wife is a United States citizen and sponsored him for his green card. The immigration judge granted the petition removing conditions, overcoming the previous USCIS denial, thereby stopping his deportation.
Another Cancellation of Removal Win Published: Nov 15, 2018 Another cancellation of removal grant issued by the Immigration Court in Buffalo, N.Y. on behalf of our client, a citizen of Mexico. Our client is the father of two United States citizen children, and is a valued employee of a Colorado based company that depends on his highly specialized services. The government vigorously opposed our request for
Cancellation of Removal Granted Over Government Opposition Published: Nov 8, 2018 Cancellation of removal granted for a citizen of Mexico who is the husband and father of United States citizens. The weight of deportation has been permanently lifted from his shoulders, and his Green Card should be arriving within the next few weeks.
Appeal Sustained Reversing a Denial of an Application for Permission to Reapply Published: Nov 1, 2018 Our client was expeditiously removed at Boston's Logan International Airport for lack of proper documents based on suspicion of previous unauthorized employment. An I-212 was filed in October 2015, and was denied on October 10, 2017. We were retained to appeal the decision. We argued that ARO failed to set forth any basis for the denial of the I-212.
Matthew Kolken quoted on FOX Published: Oct 23, 2018 “It’s unspeakable,” immigration lawyer Matthew Kolken told Fox News. “In this day and age, we don’t allow our children to walk to school alone… The actors that are smuggling individuals are unscrupulous. They take advantage of them. Women are subjected to sexual assault and rape. Children too.” Kolken says