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The GOP And Immigration: Good Economics, But What About The Politics? Published: Dec 18, 2012 "The immigration system is bureaucratic, arbitrary, and complicated, with rigid and overlapping quotas, national lotteries, and 25 different visa categories and subcategories. Attempt to navigate the system and you are reminded of Dante’s inscription for Hell: “abandon hope all ye who enter here.” The most politically charged issue is
Colorlines Report: 205K Deportations of Parents of U.S. Citizens since 2010 Published: Dec 18, 2012 Seth Freed Wessler of Colorlines News for Action reports that there have been nearly 205,000 parents of United States citizen children deported since 2010. The data was obtain through a Freedom of Information Act request. The full statistics compiled regarding final orders sought, obtained, and actual removals of individuals claiming to be parents of United
Groups organize against proposed immigration detention center in Joliet Published: Dec 14, 2012 "Immigrant advocates met Thursday to organize against a proposed immigration detention center in Illinois. Corrections Corporation of America, a private corrections company wants to open a 750-bed facility in Joliet." Click here for more of this US immigration news update.
Navarette: Immigration reform shuffle Published: Dec 14, 2012 "Now, as Congress reboots the immigration debate, there is lots of smoke and mirrors. Smith is back again. He recently pushed through the House his STEM Jobs Act, which simply switches 55,000 “diversity visas” for people from underrepresented countries to 55,000 visas for foreign students who earn advanced degrees in science, technology,
Some California jails may limit federal immigration 'holds' Published: Dec 14, 2012 "In the next year, many of California's local jails might limit federal immigration "holds" to detainees with felony convictions, greatly reducing the number of people deported from the state solely for entering the country without permission. Gov. Jerry Brown met with leaders from the California State Sheriffs' Association recently to discuss ways to give
Citizenship Becomes Focus of Immigration Fight Published: Dec 14, 2012 "Both parties are promising to use 2013 to advance long-stalled immigration legislation, but an early dispute on whether to give 11 million people in the country illegally a path to citizenship—or a legal status that stops short of that—could complicate the effort. President Barack Obama, most Democrats and advocates for the Hispanic community
Immigration reform should boost all skill levels Published: Dec 13, 2012 "But securing the border can happen only if there is a viable way for most aspiring immigrants to enter the country legally in a timely manner. Immigration enforcement should act as a funnel guiding immigrants toward a viable lawful migration path, not just as a bludgeon to remove otherwise law-abiding people. Without greatly increasing lawful immigration,
Colorado’s Immigration Law Costs $13 Million Annually, Report Says Published: Dec 13, 2012 "A Colorado immigration law passed in 2006 requiring local law enforcement to report unauthorized immigrants to federal officials costs the state at least $13 million each year, according to a Denver Westword article. The story, which cited a recent Colorado Fiscal Institute study, noted that costs rise because immigrants turned over to federal immigration