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Temporary Visas

There are many types of temporary visas that may be issued to people who want to come to the United States on a temporary basis.  Visas may by issued for many different purposes, and may last from a few days to several years. Some Visas may be granted to both the principal applicant and to his or her dependents (spouse and minor children). 

The type of visa you are issued will determine what you are allowed to do while in the United States, and how long you are allowed to remain.  Your education, work experience, and intentions will all come into play when determining what visa status you are eligible for.

It is important to remember that most temporary "nonimmigrant" visas typically require that the person applying for it must maintain the intention to return to their home country after the completion of their authorized period of admission.  If you come to the U.S. under one of these types of visas, and it is your intention to try to get a Green Card after you enter the Country you are committing  fraud, and can face a permanent bar from ever returning to the United States. 

That being said, it is extremely important that you consult a competent immigration attorney prior to coming to the United States to ensure that you understand what is required of you, what you are authorized to do if admitted, and what options may be available to remain in the United States past the date of your authorized period of admission. 

Kolken & Kolken has uncommon success finding the right visa category for our clients, and providing people with the information required to ensure lawful compliance with the United States Immigration laws.  We would be happy to review your matter in complete detail to determine what visa category is right for you.

Rest assured if there is a lawful way to get you into the U.S. we will find it.  

Below is some preliminary information regarding the types of visas that are available to people who want to come to the United States on a temporary basis. 

  • Trade NAFTA Canadian and Mexican citizens are eligible to come to the United States temporarily under the NAFTA.  
  • H-1B Status H-1Bs are granted to foreign professionals with four-year degrees, or the equivalent work experience. 

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