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U.S. Immigration Visas for Professional and Amateur Sports


  • Complete immigration legal work for entire professional leagues:  All legal research and preparation needed to qualify non-US players for seasonal “H-2B visas” to allow them to play for the entire season for entire leagues, and in-season consultation for the leagues and teams regarding the impact of player trades and acquisitions as well as processing to assist players signed during the season.
  • Qualification of non-US coaches in H-2B or P-1 status to coach their minor league teams. 
  • Assistance in obtaining P-1 status for “essential support staff” employees of professional teams such as equipment managers. 
  • Qualification of team owners, managers, and league executives in appropriate visa or permanent status to operate and manage their professional sports businesses (“E” or “L” Investor nonimmigrant visas for non-US owners, H-1B for General Managers, etc.).  
  • Qualification of college Division One-level coaches in 3-year “H-1B visas” as professional specialty occupation-caliber workers. 
  • All work needed to help athletes, owners, managers, coaches, and support personnel (equipment managers, managerial personnel, sales, equipment managers, managerial personnel, sales, etc.) qualifying for and obtaining lawful status as well as permanent status (“green cards") for some who qualify. 

Kolken & Kolken offers first-class, efficient professional legal services at affordable and reasonable prices.  We also offer a full range of immigration legal services to handle your personal and other business-related US immigration needs, from temporary work to permanent residence.  

We can assist you in obtaining your temporary visas needed to compete and be legally employed for your U.S. team, and handle all details from maximizing the length of time you qualify to work to filing your immigration documents with the Government in coordination with your travel schedule, and on to working with you to qualify for permanent residence status and obtain work and travel authorization while the application is processed.  

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